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Ready made website for N15K


In today’s business environment, whether you’re a one man/woman business or a business owner just conscious of making sales it is imperative for you to have a digital footprint.
This could mean a Facebook page or store, an Instagram/ twitter/Pinterest handle, a naira land account or anything that google can pick once its reached via the internet.
We have informally launched a website development company to help small businesses create a digital foot print. 
As part of our Custom Blogspot Design & Domain Set up we guarantee our clients would get the following:
·         A beautifully designed Blogger blog to attract more audience and get more traffic to your blog.
·         Full Design, Customization and installation
·         Custom blog slider
·         Navigation bar with optional drop-down
·         search bar
·         Social media integration
·         Custom designed sidebar titles
·         Custom about blurb 
·         Custom post footer share icons
·         Custom favicon
·         2 months free support
·         Delivery within 7 days
Other available services are:

·         Email addresses (name@blogname.com) if you order a custom domain name.
·         All of the above with a custom domain name e.g www.blogname.com or www.blogname.com.ng  and not www.blogname.blogspot.com N23,000

Past Work
·         http://pyb-naija.com
·         http://weddingttatafo.com
·         http://believerscompanion.com
·         http:// jacobadeosun.com
·         http:// singleandspecial.com

We will then contact you right before setting up your blog to get some basic information such as the links to your social media sites (for integration), photos and contents that need to be uploaded (e.g about me, contact us etc).
·         Your Blog will be ready within 7 days.

Please drop a comment below or call or whatsapp 08082274400 or email koe@pyb-naija.com

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